Suleiman the Magnificent
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Suleiman the Magnificent

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André Clot
Saqi Books
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Contents: Preface vii A Note on Pronunciation viii At the Dawn of the Golden Century 1 Part One: The Sultan of Sultans 1. The Padishah's First Triumphs 25 2. The Magnificent Sultan in His Splendour 53 3. From the Danube to the Euphrates 81 4. The Struggle with Christian Europe 99 5. Francis I and Suleiman 129 6. The Tragic Period 153 7. The Twilight of the Empire 169 Part Two: The Empire of Empires 8. The Orient at the Time of Suleiman 189 9. The Greatest City of East and West 199 10. A Dirigiste and Authoritarian Economy 227 11. Town and Country 241 12. The Age of the Magnificent Sultan 269 Three Centuries of Decline and Fall 297 Notes 313 Appendices 1. The Pre-Ottoman Turks 335 2. Turkish Civilization before the Ottomans 336 3. The Janissaries 338 4. The Law of Fratricide 340 5. The Timar System 342 6. The Divan 344 7. The Dervish Orders 346 8. The Ottoman Fleet 347 9. The Army on Campaign 350 10. A Grand Vizier's Career: Sokullu 352 11. Henry II and Suleiman 353 12. Suleiman's Death 356 13. The Turkish Baths 358 14. The Mendes Family 360 15. The Capitulations 361 16. Islam and Painting 363 Genealogy of the Sultans of the House of Osman 364 Chronology, 1481 - 1598 366 Glossary 371 Bibliography 377 Index 386
Suleiman the Magnificent, most glorious of the Ottoman sultans, kept Europe atremble for nearly half a century. In a few years he led his army as far as the gates of Vienna, made himself master of the Mediterranean and established his court in Baghdad. Faced with this redoubtable champion, who regarded it as his duty to extend the boundaries of Islam farther and farther, the Christian world struggled to unite against him. 'The Shadow of God on Earth', but also an expert politician and all-powerful despot, Suleiman ruled the state firmly with the help of his viziers. He extended the borders of the empire beyond what any of the Ottoman sultans had achieved, yet it is primarily as a lawgiver that he is remembered in Turkish history. His empire held dominion over three continents populated by more than thirty million inhabitants, among whom nearly all of the races and religions of mankind were represented. Prospering under a well-directed, authoritarian economy, Suleiman's reign marked the apogee of Ottoman power. City and country alike experienced unprecedented economic and demographic growth. Istanbul was the largest city in the world, enjoying a remarkable renaissance of arts and letters; a mighty capital, it was the seat of the Seraglio and dark intrigue. 'Clot's informed and intelligent study is to be commended ... Brings back to life a man, an empire and an era.' -- Digest of Middle East Studies 'Excellent ... The best book from which to gain an introduction to Suleiman's era.' -- Middle East Journal