Applied Interpersonal Communication Matters

Family, Health, and Community Relations
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René M. Dailey
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5, Language as Social Action

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Contents: John P. Caughlin/Ted L. Huston: Demand/Withdraw Patterns in Marital Relationships: An Individual Differences Perspective - Rachel S. Malis/Michael E. Roloff: Features of Serial Arguing and Coping Strategies: Links with Stress and Well-Being - Tamara D. Afifi/Tara McManus: Communal Coping Dilemmas in Post-Divorce Families: Introducing Meaning Back into Coping - Daena J. Goldsmith/Kristin Lindholm Gumminger/Jennifer J. Bute: Communication About Lifestyle Change Between Cardiac Patients and Their Partners - C. Arthur VanLear: A Life of Sobriety: Communication and Taking Steps on a Pathway Toward Emotional Quality of Life - Ashley P. Duggan/Beth A. Le Poire/Kathleen J. Addis: A Qualitative Analysis of Communicative Strategies Used by Partners of Substance Abusers and Depressed Individuals During Recovery: Implications for Inconsistent Nurturing as Control Theory - Melanie R. Trost/Stephen Yoshimura: The Importance of Competing Relational Goals in Resisting Offers of Alcohol - Donald J. Cegala: The Impact of Patients' Communication Style on Physicians' Discourse: Implications for Better Health Outcomes - Dale E. Brashers/Elaine Hsieh/Judith L. Neidig/Nancy R. Reynolds: Managing Uncertainty About Illness: Health Care Providers as Credible Authorities - Howard Giles/Jennifer Fortman/René M. Dailey/Valerie Barker/Christopher Hajek/Michelle Chernikoff Anderson/Nicholas O. Rule: Communication Accomodation: Law Enforcement and the Public - Denise Haunani Solomon: A Relational Framing Perspective on Perceptions of Social-Sexual Communication at Work.
It is an important time for scholars of communication to develop rich theory addressing critical applied interpersonal issues. Stress, substance abuse, violence, health problems, divorce, safety, and aging are but a few of the problems individuals address in their day-to-day interpersonal communication. That communication is critical to coping successfully with these challenges. Stressing the timeliness of such applied contributions, the International Communication Association instituted a regular feature in its newsletter on communication matters, and focused its most recent conference on applied issues in communication. This edited volume, containing individual chapters by original researchers, explores socially meaningful contributions to the study of interpersonal problems involving language and social action.

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