New Society Models for a New Millennium

The Learning Society in Europe and Beyond
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Michael Kuhn
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Contents: Michael Kuhn: New Society Models for a New Millennium - Sketching the Global Discourses about a World Vision - Michael Kuhn: Inside Global Learning Societies - the «War of Ideas» of the Good World in the Global Battle of Cultures - John Field: Lifelong Learning and the Learning Society: The Evolution of Concepts and Research in the UK - Philippe Méhaut: Knowledge Economy, Learning Society and Lifelong Learning - A Review of the French Literature - Doris Weidemann: 'Learning Society' and 'Knowledge Society' - Concepts and Controversies in German Discourses - Paolo Landri/Domenico Maddaloni: A 'Blurred' Object: The Italian Discourses on the Concept of the Learning Society - Esther Oliver/Iolanda Tortajada: Education for Inclusion in the Information Society - Jari Kolehmainen: Perspectives on the Finnish Learning Society - John Field: Lifelong Learning and the Learning Society: Trends and Prospects in Europe - Ewa Slezak: The «Learning Society» in Poland - Jaroslav Kalous: Conceptualisation of the Learning Society in the Czech and Slovak Republics - Anna Muraveva: Towards a Learning Society: The Russian Experience - Daniel Schugurensky: The Learning Society in Canada and the US - André Élias Mazawi: Globalization, Development, and Policies of Knowledge and Learning in the Arab States - Catherine Casey: Towards a Learning Society: The New Zealand Experience - Beverley Axford/Terri Seddon: The Idea of a Learning Society: An Australian Perspective - Namchul Lee: The Lifelong Learning Society in Korea - Yukiko Sawano: The Learning Society in Japan - Meng HongWei: The Learning Society in China -Kai-ming Cheng: Learning Society: The East-Asian Perspective - Madhu Singh: Official Discourse and Challenges of Building a Learning Society in India - Shirley Walters: Knowledge and the Learning Society in South African Debates - Roseli Rodrigues de Mello/Paulo Eduardo Gomes Bento: Brazil: The Scientific Discourse about the Information Society - Donatilla Ferrada: Conceptualisation of the «Learning Society» in South America: Official, Scientific and Civil Organization Discourses.
As the twenty-first century begins, the world approaches a Learning- or Knowledge-based Society, thus creating a new «era» of humankind. The Learning Society does not merely herald a new «era» or «epoch,» it signals a «transformation» in a global dimension. However, never before in history have so many wars and so much violence inundated the world. However? The world approaching a new era of humankind governed by knowledge and ruled by wisdom, and at the same time drowning in wars and violence and celebrating a renaissance of religions - do these go together? They do.

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