Uplifting a People

African American Philanthropy and Education
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Marybeth Gasman
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Contents: Marybeth Gasman/Katherine V. Sedgwick: Introduction - Jayne R. Beilke: Nineteenth-Century Traditions of Benevolence and Education: Toward a Conceptual Framework of Black Philanthropy - Jeffrey A. Mullins: Standing on Their Own: African American Engagements with Educational Philanthropy in Antebellum America - Michael Bieze: Booker T. Washington: Philanthropy and Aesthetics - Marybeth Gasman/Edward M. Epstein: Creating an Image for Black College Fundraising: An Illustrated Examination of the United Negro College Fund's Publicity, 1944-1960 - Noah D. Drezner: Thurgood Marshall: A Study of Philanthropy through Racial Uplift - Kijua Sanders-McMurtry/Nia Woods Haydel: The Links, Incorporated: Advocacy, Education, and Service in the African American Community - Fred H. Downs: A. G. Gaston: A Story of Philosophy, Perseverance, and Philanthropy - Darryl Holloman: Not in Vain: The Philanthropic Endeavors of C. Eric Lincoln - Mark Giles: Howard Thurman: A Life Journey for Service, Religion, and Philanthropy - Marci M. Middleton: Quiet Grace, Clothed Spirit: Oseola McCarty and the Benevolence of a Gift - Edward M. Epstein: A Gift of Art: Jacob Lawrence as Philanthropist.
Philanthropy is typically considered to be within the province of billionaires. This book broadens that perspective by highlighting modest acts of giving by African Americans on behalf of their own people. Examining the important tradition of Black philanthropy, this groundbreaking work documents its history: its beginning as a response to discrimination through self-help among freed slaves, and its expansion to include the support of education, religion, the arts, and legal efforts on behalf of civil rights. Using diverse approaches, the authors illuminate a new world of philanthropy - one that will be of interest to scholars and students alike. Chapters review the contributions of such major figures as Booker T. Washington and Thurgood Marshall, and discuss the often-surprising practices and methods of contemporary African American donors.

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