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Safeguarding Children Across Services

Messages from Research
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Harriet Ward
University of Georgia Press
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Foreword. Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Identification and initial response. 3. Universal and targeted services to prevent the occurrence of maltreatment. 4. Social work interventions to keep children safe. 5. Specific interventions for children and families with additional or complex needs. 6. Providing a context for effective inter-agency practice. 7. Overview: Principal messages and their implications. Appendix 1. Implementation and advisory group. Appendix 2. Details of evaluations of specific interventions discussed in Chapter Five. Appendix 3. Project summaries. References. Index.
In neighborhoods, schools, community centers, and workplaces, people are using oral history to capture and collect the kinds of stories that the history books and the media tend to overlook: stories of personal struggle and hope, of war and peace, of family and friends, of beliefs, traditions, and values-the stories of our lives.Catching Stories: A Practical Guide to Oral History is a clear and comprehensive introduction for those with little or no experience in planning or undertaking oral history projects. Opening with the key question, "Why do oral history?" the guide outlines the stages of a project from idea to final product-planning and research, the interviewing process, basic technical principles, and audio and video recording techniques. The guide covers interview transcribing, ethical and legal issues, archiving, funding sources, and sharing oral history with audiences.Intended for teachers, students, librarians, local historians, and volunteers as well as individuals, Catching Stories is the place to start for anyone who wants to document the memories and collect the stories of community or family.

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