Parking Structures
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Parking Structures

Planning, Design, Construction, Maintenance and Repair
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Anthony P. Chrest
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244x161x55 mm
List of Figures. List of Tables. Preface. Acknowledgements. Authors. 1.1. Introduction; A.P. Chrest. 2. Planning for Structured Parking; M.S. Smith. 3. Functional Design; M.S. Smith. 4. Access Design; M.S. Smith. 5. Building Codes; M.S. Smith. 6. Security; M.S. Smith. 7. Safety; D.R. Monahan. 8. Mechanical Access Parking Structures; D.R. Monahan. 9. Lighting; D.R. Monahan. 10. Signage; M.S. Smith. 11. Accessible Parking Design; M.S. Smith. 12. Structure; A.P. Chrest. 13. Plaza Deck Systems; S. Bhuyan. 14. Seismic Design; M. Iqbal. 15. Designing for Durability; A.P. Chrest. 16. Specifications; A.P. Chrest. 17. Construction; A.P. Chrest. 18. Maintenance; S. Bhuyan. 19. Repair Investigation; S. Bhuyan. 20. Repair - Implementation; S. Bhuyan. Index.
Parking Structures provides a single-source reference for parking structure designers, builders, and owners. This third edition is still the only such book. It addresses how to select the best functional and structural designs for a given situation, ensure long-term durability, design for easy maintenance, decide on the number and placement of entrances and exits, design an easily understood wayfinding system, design for ADA compliance, plan for internal auto and pedestrian traffic circulation, select the most effective and energy efficient lighting system, avoid the most common design and construction pitfalls, provide for adequate patron safety and security, carry out needed repairs, and extend the parking structure life. Parking Structures addresses all the major issues related to parking garages. It is an essential reference for parking structure owners, structural engineers, architects, contractors, and other professionals. New in the third edition: This third edition of Parking Structures includes new material on metric dimensions and recommendations for functional design globally, new research on flow capacity and queuing at parking entry/exits, an entirely new chapter on planning for a new parking structure, including cost issues and alternatives to structure construction, pedestrian considerations, safety in parking facilities, plazas above parking structures, an expanded chapter on seismic design, seismic retrofit, life cycle cost analysis, and upgrades to existing structures.

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