Terahertz Sources and Systems
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Terahertz Sources and Systems

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Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop, Château de Bonas, France, 22-27 June 2000
Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop, Château de Bonas, France, 22-27 June 2000
Preface. Theme 1: Physics of Terahertz Devices and Materials. Terahertz Dynamics in Quantum Structures: Towards a Fundamental Terahertz Oscillator; S.J. Allen, et al. Semiconducting Terahertz Emitters; N.N. Zinov'ev. Theme 2: Generation of Terahertz by Multiplication. High Efficiency HBV Multipliers for Millimetre Wave Generation; L. Dillner, et al. High Performance Heterostructure Barriers Varactors; D. Lippens, et al. Active Two-Terminal Devices for Terahertz Power Generation by Multiplication; H. Eisele. Theme 3: Intersubband Sources. Far-infrared Intersubband Luminescence from Quantum Cascade Sources; J. Fiast, et al. Superlattice Q C Lasers Towards the Far-Infrared; A. Tredicucci, et al. Terahertz Emission from Semiconductor Nanostructures; J. Ulrich, et al. Theme 4: CW Sources, Optical and Electronic. Perspectives of Continuous-Wave Optoelectronic THz Imaging; K.J. Siebert, et al. Continuous-Wave Terahertz Generation Using Photomixers; S. Verghese, et al. Theme 5: Emerging Technologies - Sources and Circuits. Emerging Solid State Terahertz Electronics; M.S. Shur, V. Ryzhii. Plasma Wave Electronics for Terahertz Applications; M. Dyakonov, M.S. Shur. Prospects for the Applications of Miniaturised Vacuum Technologies to Terahertz Sources; J.M. Chamberlain, et al. Theme 6: Imaging. Two-Dimensional Terahertz Wave Imaging; Q. Chen, et al. THz Imaging of Biological Samples; M. Koch, et al. Theme 7: Towards Communication Systems. Towards Terahertz Communications Systems; C.M. Mann. Towards Terahertz Communications - Systems Requirements; J.W. Bowen. Micromachining for Terahertz Circuits andSystems; R.E. Miles, et al. Theme 8: THz Sensing and Spectroscopy. Wideband Terahertz Sensing and Spectroscopy with Electronic Sources and Detectors; D.W. van der Weide. Time-Domain Terahertz Spectroscopy and Sensing; P.H. Bolivar, et al. Overview. Terahertz Technology, Quo Vadis? W.Th. Wenckebach. List of Speakers. List of Participants (and group photo). Index.
Terahertz technology has moved on from being a useful but expensive circuit technique, applied largely in astronomy and space science, to become a subject in its own right, with important applications - terahertz imaging in particular. Indeed, the driving force in terahertz technology is currently imaging and spectroscopy. We now have the means to obtain images and chemical information in this frequency band. The images reproduced in this volume are striking and, not surprisingly, the clinical and analytical uses are the subject of intense activity. There is still, however, no complete range of active THz electronic components, but an encouraging conclusion of the book is that THz electronics will become necessary in communications systems in the foreseeable future. Terahertz technology has come of age, and the future lies open to new, exciting science and vital applications.

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