Telecommunications Demand in Theory and Practice
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Telecommunications Demand in Theory and Practice

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L. D. Taylor
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List of Figures. List of Tables. Preface. 1. Introduction and Overview. 2. Theory of Telephone Demand I: Basic Results. 3. Theory of Telephone Demand II: Extensions of Basic Results. 4. Business Telecommunications Demand. 5. Recent Studies of Residential Access Demand. 6. Recent Studies of Toll Demand. 7. The Demand for Local Calls and Related Local Services. 8. Business Telephone System Demand, Total-Bill and Socio-Demographic Effects. 9. Consumption Externalities. 10. Price Elasticities in the Hearing Room: the Promise and Limits of Econometric Analyses of Telecommunications Demand. 11. Evaluation and Conclusions. Appendix 1: The Pre-1980 Empirical Literature on Telephone Demand; Access, Local Service, and Interstate Toll. Appendix 2: The Pre-1980 Empirical Literature on Telephone Demand; Intrastate Toll, WATS and Private Line, Coin, etc. Appendix 3: A Model of Toll Demand. Bibliography. Index.
Telecommunications Demand in Theory and Practice , which builds upon the author's seminal 1980 book, Telecommunications Demand: A Review and Critique , provides comprehensive analyses of the determinants and structure of telecommunications demands in the United States and Canada. Theory and empirical application receive equal emphasis with a heavy focus on the developments and econometric research since the divestiture of AT&T in 1984. For the first time, a detailed theoretical analysis of business telecommunications demand on subscriber and usage consumption externalities is presented.Telecommunications Demand in Theory and Practice is without peer in the documentation and analysis of price elasticities of demand for telecommunications services. This new book also includes a comprehensive bibliography with over 500 entries related to telecommunications demand and pricing. Telecommunications Demand will appeal to both academic and consulting economists, telecommunications industry analysts and regulators, and to teachers of courses in applied econometrics and regulated industries.

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