Podcasting Marketing Strategy
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Podcasting Marketing Strategy

A Complete Guide to Creating, Publishing and Monetizing a Successful Podcast
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Daniel Rowles
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Understand how to build the audience of your podcast through blogging and SEO, advertising and email marketing
Section - One: Podcasting in perspective; Chapter - 01: Stand out from the social media noise - why you should be podcasting; Chapter - 02: Podcast adoption - growth and expansion of podcasting as a popular medium; Chapter - 03: Understanding how people really listen to and absorb audio content; Chapter - 04: Building genuine personal engagement through podcasting; Section - Two: Building your business case and plan; Chapter - 05: How to use podcasts to drive business results; Chapter - 06: Understanding the role of podcasts in the user journey; Chapter - 07: An introduction to podcast marketing; Chapter - 08: What differentiates a great podcast?; Chapter - 09: What is digital branding and how does business development fit in?; Chapter - 10: Defining your content plan and using content calendars; Chapter - 11: Driving action from podcasts; Section - Three: Building your podcast and making it a success; Chapter - 12: The importance of landing pages and show notes (and getting SEO right); Chapter - 13: Defining your podcast audience and content; Chapter - 14: Understanding and selection of different podcast formats; Chapter - 15: Preparing your podcast recording environment; Chapter - 16: Choosing your recording hardware and software; Chapter - 17: An overview of podcast editing options and how to do it; Chapter - 18: Using interviews with influencers to maximize your podcast strategy; Chapter - 19: Show branding intros and outros - making the right first impression; Chapter - 20: Podcast advertising and monetization - where to begin and how to manage; Chapter - 21: Publishing and distributing your podcast; Chapter - 22: Measuring success - tapping into how and why people listen to your podcast; Chapter - 23: The podcast marketing toolkit; Chapter - 24: The value of web analytics - measuring the impact of your podcast activity; Section - Four: The future of podcasting; Chapter - 25: Where next for podcasting? conversational design, artificial intelligence and machine learning; Chapter - 26: Future-proofing your podcast strategy for the ever-changing user journey; Section - 27: Index;
Podcasting is a hugely persuasive yet under-utilized channel accessed by an affluent and influential demographic. In a crowded and noisy digital environment, it gives organizations, brand builders and marketers the unique opportunity to stand out and drive engagement with target audiences. It offers accurate and measurable levels of allegiance that can only be dreamed of on other digital channels. Podcasting Marketing Strategy is a complete guide to the podcast environment. It describes the importance of podcasting for businesses and explains why, uniquely, it has the highest level of consumer commitment than any other social media. Written by an award-winning author and his co-host of the global top ten iTunes podcast, The Digital Marketing Podcast, this book explains how podcasting can drive business results, advises on how to record, edit and advertise your content and provides a unique digital marketing toolkit. Supported by case studies from influential organizations around the globe, Podcasting Marketing Strategy is the definitive authority to making and publishing podcasts that deliver quantifiable results.

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