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Founding the American Presidency

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Richard J. Ellis
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
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Chapter 1 Introduction: Prelude to the Presidency Chapter 2 Chapter I: Constituting the Executive Chapter 3 One President or Many? Chapter 4 An Executive Council? Chapter 5 Chapter II: Selecting the President Chapter 6 The Long and Tortuous Debate Chapter 7 Term of Office and Reeligibility Chapter 8 The Electoral College Chapter 9 Chapter III: Empowering the President Chapter 10 To Veto or Not to Veto Chapter 11 War and Peace Chapter 12 The Power of Appointment Chapter 13 Pardon Power Chapter 14 Chapter IV: Removing the President Chapter 15 Impeachment Chapter 16 Debating Presidential Power Chapter 17 Goldilocks and the Three Branches: A President Too Strong, Too Weak, or Just Right?
At a time when the institution of the presidency seems in a state of almost permanent crisis, it is particularly important to understand what sort of an institution the framers of the Constitution thought they were creating. Founding the American Presidency offers a first-hand view of the minds of the founders by bringing together extensive selections from the constitutional convention in Philadelphia as well as representative selections from the subsequent debates over ratification. Organized topically, the book focuses on those issues of executive power that most deeply concerned and often sharply divided the founders, including the electoral college and impeachment, the presidential term and reeligibility, the veto power and war powers, the power of appointment and the power of pardon. EllisO judicious selections mean that teachers and students no longer need to settle for the meager rations of a Federalist paper or two supplemented by a quick summary of the founders' thoughts before being fast-forwarded to the contemporary presidency. Pointed discussion questions provoke students to consider new perspectives on the presidency. Ideal for all courses on the presidency, the book is also important for all citizens who want to understand not only the past but the future of the American presidency.