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Foundations for Social Change

Critical Perspectives on Philanthropy and Popular Movements
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Deborah McCarthy Auriffeille
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
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Chapter 1 Legacy and Promise for Social Justice Funding: Charitable Foundations and Progressive Social Movements, Past and Present Chapter 2 Liberal Foundations: Impediments or Supports for Social Change? Chapter 3 Moving Public Policy to the Right: The Strategic Philanthropy of Conservative Foundations Chapter 4 Up Against Conservative Public Policy: Alternatives to Mainstream Philanthropy Chapter 5 Foundations and the Environmental Movement: Priorities, Strategies, and Impact Chapter 6 Breaking the Funding Barriers: Philanthropic Activism in Support of the Environmental Justice Movement Chapter 7 The Politics of Philanthropy and Social Change: Challenges for Racial Justice Chapter 8 Living Up to the Promise of Collaboration: Foundations and Community Organizations as Partners in the Revitalization of Poor Neighborhoods Chapter 9 Coming Out of the Green Closet: Wealth Discourse and the Construction of Social Change Philanthropists Chapter 10 Mobilizing Money Strategically: Opportunities for Grantees to be Active Agents in Social Movement Philanthropy
This multi-disciplinary collection blends broad overviews and case studies as well as different theoretical perspectives in a critique of the relationship between United States philanthropic foundations and movements for social change. Scholars and practitioners examine how these foundations support and/or thwart popular social movements and address how philanthropic institutions can be more accountable and democratic in a sophisticated, provocative, and accessible manner. Foundations for Social Change brings together the leading voices on philanthropy and social movements into a single collection and its interdisciplinary approach will appeal to scholars, students, foundation officials, non-profit advocates, and social movement activists.

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