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Feminist Interventions in International Communication

Minding the Gap
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Katharine Sarikakis
Critical Media Studies: Institutions, Politics, and Culture Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
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Chapter 1 I: REVISITING INTERNATIONAL COMMUNICATIONS STUDIES Chapter 2 1 Revisiting International Communication: Approach of the Curious Feminist Chapter 3 2 Feminist Issues and the Global Media System Chapter 4 3 Public/Private: The Hidden Dimension of International Communications Chapter 5 4 Women, Participation and Democracy in the Information Society Chapter 6 II: GENDERING POLICY REGIMES Chapter 7 5 The Expediency of Women Chapter 8 6 Gender Sensitive Communications Policies for Women's Development: Issues and Challenges Chapter 9 7 The Spectral Politics of Mobile Communication Technologies: A Feminist Analysis of International Policies Chapter 10 8 The Global Structures and Cultures of Pornography: The Global Brothel Chapter 11 III: MEDIATING MEANINGS-MEDIATING REGIMES OF POWER Chapter 12 9 Mediations of Domination: Gendered Violence Within and Across Borders Chapter 13 10 From Religious Fundamentalism to Pornography? The Female Body as Text in Arabic Song Video Chapter 14 11 Female Faces in the Millennium Development Goals: Reflections in the Mirrors of Media Chapter 15 12 Deadly Synergies: Gender Inequality, HIV/AIDs, and the Media Chapter 16 13 Online News: Setting New Gender Agendas Chapter 17 IV: LABOURING INTERNATIONAL COMMUNICATIONS Chapter 18 14 Convergences: Elements of a Feminist Political Economy of Labor and Communication Chapter 19 15 Women, Information Work, and the Corporatization of Development Chapter 20 16 Empire and Sweatshop Girlhoods: The Two Faces of the Global Culture Industry Chapter 21 V GLOCALIZING MEDIA AND TECHNOLOGIES Chapter 22 17 Feminist Print Cultures in the Digital Era Chapter 23 18 Communication and Women in Eastern Europe: Challenges in Reshaping the Democratic Sphere Chapter 24 19 GodZone? NZ's Classification of Explicit Material in an Era of Global Fundamentalism Chapter 25 20 Grounding Gender Evaluation Methodology (GEM) for Telecenters: The Experiences of Ecuador and the Philippines
This cutting-edge work critiques today's global mediascape through feminist perspectives, highlighting concerns of policy, power, labor, and technology. Starting with the general state of international communications, the book uses feminist political-economic and policy analyses to explore the globalization of media industries, including questions about women's employment and media content that is globally produced and consumed. A top-notch group of authors covers cases on online news, pornography and explicit material, political participation and democracy, policies for women's development, violence against women, labor practices and information workers, print media and publishing, public 'telecentres,' media coverage of HIV/AIDS, and more. Providing fresh feminist insights into international communication, this essential book shows the important strides taken toward women's justice in these areas and how far there is yet to go.