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The Face of Discrimination

How Race and Gender Impact Work and Home Lives
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Vincent J. Roscigno
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
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Chapter 1 Race Discrimination in Employment Chapter 2 Race Attitudes and the Alternative Realities of Workers and Bosses Chapter 3 Sex Discrimination in Employment Chapter 4 How Sexual Harassment Happens Chapter 5 Discrimination in Public and Private Economic Sectors Chapter 6 Competitive Threat and Isolation at Work Chapter 7 The Experiences of Black and White, and Low and High Status Women Chapter 8 Discrimination and African American Men: A Precarious Historical Legacy Chapter 9 Race and the Process of Housing Discriminatio Chapter 10 The Contexts of Housing Discrimination Chapter 11 Housing and Sex Discrimination Chapter 12 Conclusion
Thousands of individuals are discriminated against each year due to their race or sex, even 40 years after the Civil Rights Act. The Face of Discrimination documents the forms, character, and implications of race and sex discrimination at work and in housing, drawing from archived discrimination suits themselves. Going beyond traditional social science research on the topic, this book grounds the reader in the reality of discrimination as it is played out in the actual jobs, neighborhoods, and lives of real people. The systematic approach taken by Roscigno and his team of collaborators, in concert with the qualitative material used throughout, sheds significant light on an important, and contributes specifically to the understanding of employer biases, sexual harassment, structural inequalities in where workers are placed occupationally, why housing segregation persists, and how discrimination in housing and work take a toll on individuals in their daily lives.

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