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Exploring Black Sexuality

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Robert Staples
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
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Chapter 1 Sexuality on the Dark Continent Chapter 2 The Myth of Black Sexual Superiority Chapter 3 Images and Beliefs in Popular Culture Chapter 4 Queer & Black In America Chapter 5 Dating as a Sexual Adventure Chapter 6 Sexual Theft and Other Crimes Chapter 7 When Races Copulate Chapter 8 Sexuality of the Rich and Famous Chapter 9 Prostitutes, Pimps and Pornography Chapter 10 Black Sexuality in the 21st Century
In this pioneering, nonobjective study, a distinguished Black sexologist tackles one of the most controversial aspects of American race relations. The subject of Black sexuality has been widely discussed in every possible popular format for the past four hundred years, yet serious scholarship in the area is lacking. While Black sexuality has been a pervasive force in American life, it has been too sensitive a topic for Black or white authors to write about in a serious, non-polemical format. Robert Staples explores same-sex attitudes and behavior, interracial sexual relations, rape, prostitution, pornography, and the stereotypes of Black sexual superiority in this scholarly yet accessible collection. Staples shows how vaunted and feared sexual differences were the 'raison d'etre' of Southern school segregation, race-based laws, white flight from the inner cities, the double sexual standard, lynchings, and race riots. This groundbreaking study concludes with a speculation on the future of Black sexuality in the 21st century based on our knowledge of current demographic and economic forces.