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Beyond Slavery

The Multilayered Legacy of Africans in Latin America and the Caribbean
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Darién J. Davis
Jaguar Books on Latin America Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
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Part I: Struggles for Independence: Republicanism and the Age of Caudillos
Chapter 1: The Sounds and Echoes of Freedom: The Impact of the Haitian Revolution on Latin America,
David Geggus
Chapter 2: In Search of Liberty: The Efforts of the Enslaved to Attain Abolition in Ecuador, 1822-1852,
Camilla Townsend
Chapter 3: Integral Outsiders: Afro-Argentines in the Era of Juan Manuel de Rosas and Beyond,
Ricardo D. Salvatore
Chapter 4: Free
Pardos and Mulattoes Vanquish Indians: Cultural Civility as Conquest and Modernity in Honduras, Dario Euraque
Part II: Dialogues and Challenges to Full Citizenship
Chapter 5: Black Abolitionists in the
Quilombo of Leblon, Rio de Janeiro: Symbols, Organizers, and Revolutionaries, Eduardo Silva
Chapter 6: To Be Black and to Be Cuban: The Dilemma of Afro-Cubans in Post-independence Politics,
Aline Helg
Chapter 7: Pan-Africanism, Negritude, and the Currency of Blackness: Cuba, the Francophone Caribbean, and Brazil in Comparative Perspective, 1930-1950s,
Darién J. Davis and Judith Michelle Willams
Part III: Displacement, Transnationalism, and Globalization
Chapter 8: The Logic of Displacement: Afro-Colombians and the War in Colombia,
Aviva Chomsky
Chapter 9: Hip-Hop and Black Public Spheres in Cuba, Venezuela, and Brazil,
Sujatha Fernandes and Jason Stanyek
Chapter 10: Unfinished Migrations: From the Mexican South to the American South-Impressions on Afro-Mexican Migration to North Carolina,
Bobby Vaughn and Ben Vinson III
Part IV: Media and Selected Resources
Chapter 11: Fading In: Race and the Representation of Peoples of African Descent in Latin American Cinema,
Darién J. Davis
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Beyond Slavery traces the enduring impact and legacy of the African diaspora in Latin America and the Caribbean in the modern era. In a rich set of essays, the volume explores the multiple ways that Africans have affected political, economic, and cultural life throughout the region. Focusing on areas traditionally associated with Afro-Latin American culture such as Brazil and the Caribbean basin, this innovative work also highlights places such as Rio de La Plata and Central America, where the African legacy has been important but little studied.
The contributors engage readers interested in the African diaspora in a series of vigorous debates ranging from agency and resistance to transculturation, displacement, cross-national dialogue, and popular culture. Documenting the array of diverse voices of Afro-Latin Americans throughout the region, this interdisciplinary book brings to life both their histories and contemporary experiences.

Contributions by: Aviva Chomsky, Darién J. Davis, Dario Euraque, Sujatha Fernandes, David Geggus, Aline Helg, Ricardo D. Salvatore, Eduardo Silva, Jason Stanyek, Camilla Townsend, Bobby Vaughn, Ben Vinson III, and Judith Michelle Williams