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Beyond Philosophy

Ethics, History, Marxism, and Liberation Theology
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Enrique Dussel
New Critical Theory Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
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Chapter 1 I. General Hypotheses Chapter 2 Domination-Liberation: A New Approach Chapter 3 The Bread of the Eucharist Celebration as a Sign of Justice in the Community Chapter 4 The World-System: Europe as Center and its Periphery Beyond Eurocentrism Chapter 5 II. Liberating Theology Chapter 6 The Kingdom of God and the Poor Chapter 7 'Populus Dei' in Populo Pauperum: From Vatican II to Medellín and Puebla Chapter 8 Exodus as a Paradigm in Liberation Theology Chapter 9 III. Ethics and Economics Chapter 10 Racism: A Report on the Situation in Latin America Chapter 11 An Ethics of Liberation: Fundamental Hypotheses Chapter 12 Theology and Economy: The Theological Paradigm of Communicative Action and the Paradigm of the Community of Life as a Theology of Liberation Chapter 13 Ethical Sense of the 1994 Maya Rebellion in Chiapas Chapter 14 IV. History Chapter 15 From Secularization to Secularism: Science from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment Chapter 16 Modern Christianity in Face of the 'Other'(from The 'Rude' Indian to the 'Noble Savage' Chapter 17 Was America Discovered or Invaded?
Enrique Ambrosini Dussel is and has been one of the most prolific Latin American philosophers of the last 100 years. He has written over fifty books, and over three hundred articles ranging over the history of the Latin American philosophy, political philosophy, church history, theology, ethics, and occasional pieces on the state of Latin American countries. Dussel is first and foremost a moral philosopher, a philosopher of liberation. But for him, philosophy must be liberated so that it may contribute to social liberation. In one sense, 'beyond philosophy' means to go beyond contemporary, academicized, professionalized, and 'civilized' philosophy by turning to all that demystifies the autonomy of philosophy and turns our attention to its sources. 'Beyond philosophy,' also means to go beyond philosophy in the Marxian sense of abolishing philosophy by realizing it. This is the definitive English language collection of Dussel's enormous body of work. It will allow the reader to get a good sense of the breath and depth of Dussel's opus, covering four major areas: ethics, economics, history, and liberation theology.