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Introduction to the Philosophy of Sport

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Heather Reid
Elements of Philosophy Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
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AcknowledgmentsDedicationIntroduction: Why Study The Philosophy of Sport?Part One: History and HeritageChapter One: The Ancient Hellenic HeritageChapter Two: The Modern Olympic RevivalPart Two: Metaphysical Issues in SportChapter Three: Sport and PlayChapter Four: Sport and Games Chapter Five: Sport and Social Practices Chapter Six: Sport and Art Chapter Seven: Mind and BodyPart Three: Ethical Issues in SportChapter Eight: Consequentialism and PlayChapter Nine: Deontology and Fairness Chapter Ten: Virtues and VicesChapter Eleven: Ethical SpectaclePart Four: Social and Political Issues in SportChapter Twelve: Sport and EducationChapter Thirteen: Sport and Social Categories Chapter Fourteen: Sport and Political IdealsChapter Fifteen: Sport and GlobalizationConclusion: Ten Intrinsic Values of Sport BibliographyGlossaryIndexAppendix: Philosophy of Sport as an Academic SubjectAbout the Author
This comprehensive text examines the history, significance, and philosophical dimensions of sport. Introduction to the Philosophy of Sport is organized to reflect the traditional division of philosophy into metaphysical, ethical, and sociopolitical issues, while incorporating specific concerns of today's athletic world, such as cheating, doping, and Title IX, where they are applicable. This approach provides students with a basic understanding of the philosophy of sport as a whole and better equips them to investigate specific issues. Introduction to the Philosophy of Sport is not only an outline of the discipline and a summary of much of its pioneering work, but also an invitation for students to join the conversation by connecting it to their own athletic experience.