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Age through Ethnic Lenses

Caring for the Elderly in a Multicultural Society
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Laura Katz Olson
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
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Chapter 1 Introduction: Multi-Culturalism and Long-term Care: The Aged and their Caregivers Chapter 2 Asian Americans Chapter 3 The Chinese Elderly: Values and Issues in Receiving Adequate Care Chapter 4 Japanese American Elderly Chapter 5 Intimacy at a Distance, Korean-American Style: The Invited Korean Elderly and their Married Children in the United States Chapter 6 Caring for Elderly Vietnamese Americans Chapter 7 Latino Americans Chapter 8 Care Options for Older Mexican Americans: Issues Impacting Health and Long-term Care Service Needs Chapter 9 Puerto Rican Elderly Chapter 10 Elderly of African Descent Chapter 11 Urban African American Elderly Chapter 12 Diasporic Aging: Haitian-Americans in New York City Chapter 13 Native Americans Chapter 14 American Indian and Alaskan Native Elderly Chapter 15 Socio-Religious Groups Chapter 16 Mormon Elderly Chapter 17 Mutual Aid and Elders in Amish Society Chapter 18 Jewish Aged: Diversity in Need and Care Solutions Chapter 19 Growing Old in an Arab-American Family Chapter 20 Elderly of European Origin Chapter 21 Aging in Polonia: Polish and Polish american Elderly Chapter 22 Irish-American Care of the Aged Chapter 23 The Status of Older People in the Italian American Family Chapter 24 The Interplay of Aging and Ethnicity: Filial Responsibility and Greek Americans Chapter 25 Gender and Sexual Orientation Chapter 26 Caring for Gay and Lesbian Elderly Chapter 27 Gender and Long-term Care: Women as Family Care Givers, Workers, and Recipients Chapter 28 Rural Elderly Chapter 29 Long Term Care: The Case of the Rural Elderly Chapter 30 Index Chapter 31 About the Contributors
An ever-more diverse America is getting older, but American policies are not growing with the needs of our ethnic and aging society. Age Through Ethnic Lenses explores the distinct characteristics and unique social, political, economic, and cultural situations of America's aged, while highlighting the common needs and objectives among all aging Americans. With portraits of Asians, Latinos, individuals of European and African origins, Native Americans, Socio-religious groups, women, gay men and women, and the rural aged, this book broadens our perspective on the issues of long-term care, and provides a valuable guide for future public policy as we enter the twenty-first century.