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Caught in the Crossfire

Revolution, Repression, and the Rational Peasant
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David T. Mason
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
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Chapter 1 Preface Chapter 2 The Puzzle of Revolution in the Third World Chapter 3 Theories of Revolution: The Evolution of the Field Chapter 4 Dependent Development and the Crisis of Rural Stability Chapter 5 Mobilizing Peasant Social Movements Chapter 6 The Response of the State: Reform or Repression? Chapter 7 State Repression and the Escalation of Revolutionary Violence Chapter 8 Win, Lose, or Draw: How Civil Wars End Chapter 9 Reform, Repression, and Revolution in El Salvador Chapter 10 Peruvian Land Reform and the Rise of Sendero Luminoso Chapter 11 The Future of Revolutions in the Countryside: Globalization, Democratization, and Peacekeeping
Caught in the Crossfire presents a multifaceted explanation of why people participate in something as dangerous and uncertain as a revolutionary movement. Beginning with an analysis of the grievances that motivate peasant participation in political movements, the book also explores the additional factors_leadership, resources, and strategies_required to mobilize peasants for collective action. Collective action itself need not be violent, but a repressive state response can quickly transform a reformist movement into a revolution. Mason shows how different strategies on the part of various actors can result in a government victory, a rebel victory, or a negotiated settlement. The book concludes with a look to the future: Will the emerging trends toward political democratization and economic globalization make revolution in the countryside more or less likely?