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John Henry Newman

A View of Catholic Faith for the New Millennium
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John R. Connolly
Sheed & Ward
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Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Biography of John Henry Newman Chapter 3 An Historical Overview of Newman's Theology of Faith Chapter 4 Human Faith ad Divine Faith Chapter 5 Human Certitude in Concrete Matters of Truth Chapter 6 Newman's Mature Notion of Catholic Faith Chapter 7 Faith and Reason in Newman's Nature Notion of Catholic Faith Chapter 8 Conclusion
As one of the most outstanding Christian thinkers in history, John Henry Newman continues to influence theology, especially Catholic theology, long after his death in 1890. Yet, his writings on faith, particularly The Grammar of Assent, are difficult to read without guidance and direction. John Henry Newman: A View of Catholic Faith for the New Millennium provides both a comprehensive introduction to Newman's theology and a thorough analysis of its relevance for the Church today. The first systematic analysis of Newman's thought, this book skillfully weaves together the Cardinal's diverse writings on faith with seminal secondary sources and presents an integrated view of his mature notion of Catholic faith. Enhanced by a detailed introduction, biographical sketch, and bibliography, this book explores John Henry Newman's teaching on the relationship between faith and doubt, the role of the will in certitude, the relationship between faith and reason, the personal nature of faith, the function of the magisterium, the importance of dialogue, and the role of the conscience in decision-making. The concluding chapter examines the significance of Newman's thought for Catholic theology today.