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China Today, China Tomorrow

Domestic Politics, Economy, and Society
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Joseph Fewsmith
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
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Introduction: Three Decades of Reform and OpeningPart I: Social OrderChapter 1: Popular Protest: Playing by the RulesChapter 2: Religion: The Dynamics of Religious Growth and ChangeChapter 3: The Rule of Law: Pushing the Limits of Party RulePart II: EconomicsChapter 4: Economic Growth: From High-Speed to High-QualityChapter 5: Inequality: Overcoming the Great DivideChapter 6: Economic Governance: Authoritarian Upgrading and Innovative PotentialPart III: PoliticsChapter 7: Foreign Direct Investment: Diaspora Networks and Economic ReformChapter 8: Elite Politics: The Struggle for NormalityChapter 9: Local Elections: The Elusive Quest for ChoiceChapter 10: Ideology: Its Role in Reform and OpeningPart IV: Systemic ConstraintsChapter 11: Central-Local Relations: The Power to DominateChapter 12: Energy Governance: Fueling the MiracleChapter 13: Environmental Challenges: From the Local to the GlobalConclusion: China's Next Three Decades
In this timely book, a group of leading scholars provides a comprehensive assessment of China's polity, economy, and society. Taking the thirtieth anniversary of Beijing's adoption of reform and opening as an occasion to reflect on the course of development over the past three decades, the contributors consider where the country may be going in the future. Just as China has had enormous success in developing its economy, it continues to face equally enormous challenges across a wide variety of issues, including inequality, social protest, energy, the environment, and a resurgence of religion. As a polity, China has tried to build a modern legal system while balancing center-local relations, sustaining a viable ideological framework, and maintaining stable politics at the elite level. At the same time, the current global economic crisis poses a major obstacle to China's model of development. Authoritative, accessible, and current, this book will be an invaluable resource for all readers interested in the fate of a rising global power.Contributions by: Edward A. Cunningham, Joseph Fewsmith, Sebastian Heilmann, Jamie Horsley, Joanna Lewis, Yawei Liu, Barry Naughton, Elizabeth J. Perry, Ren Jiantao, Carl Riskin, Sun Yanfei, Robert Weller, Min Ye, and Yongnian Zheng.