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Good Girls, Bad Girls

The Enduring Lessons of Twelve Women of the Old Testament
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T. J. Wray
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
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IntroductionSection One: Liars, Lawbreakers, and LoversChapter 1: A Woman with a Plan: RebekahChapter 2: The Hooker With a Heart of Gold: RahabChapter 3: Tricks and Tryst: DelilahChapter 4: The Girl Next Door: RuthChapter 5: Not a Ghost of a Chance: The Witch of EndorChapter 6: The Menace Beneath the Mascara: JezebelSection Two: Victims, Volunteers, and VindicatorsChapter 7 Baby, You Owe Me: The Widow TamarChapter 8 Big Sister is Watching: MiriamChapter 9 The Lamb With A Plan: BathshebaChapter 10 One Sick Brother: Tamar, Sister of AbsalomChapter 11 A Womb With a View: The ShunammiteChapter 12 Dirty Old Men: SusannaConclusionResources
The few popular Bible stories about women are often presented in black and white-the women were good or bad, Ruth or Jezebel. But most of us fall somewhere in between these two extremes. Good Girls, Bad Girls invites readers to take a more nuanced look at 12 women in the Old Testament, to explore their lives more deeply in historical context, and to grasp what these stories might mean to women today. T. J. Wray, a biblical scholar, asks readers to consider whether Jezebel was really as bad as generally believed, and includes women ranging from the infamous Delilah to the mysterious Witch of Endor. Impeccably researched and beautifully written, Good Girls, Bad Girls will appeal to both individual readers and groups interested in learning what the Bible really has to say about these twelve important women.