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Readings in the Philosophy of Technology

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David M. Kaplan
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
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Part 1 Philosophical PerspectivesChapter 2 The Question Concerning TechnologyChapter 3 Heidegger on Gaining a Free Relation to TechnologyChapter 4 *One-Dimensional ManChapter 5 *John Dewey's Philosophy of TechnologyChapter 6 Focal Things and PracticesChapter 7 A Phenomenology of TechnicsChapter 8 *Philosophy of Technology Meets Social ConstructivismChapter 9 *Women and the Assessment of TechnologyChapter 10 *Design Methodology and the Nature of Technical ArtefactsChapter 11 Democratic RationalizationChapter 12 A Collective of Humans and NonhumansPart 13 Technology and EthicsChapter 14 Technology and ResponsibilityChapter 15 *Technology and the Anachronism of Traditional RightsChapter 16 Technological Ethics in a Different VoiceChapter 17 *NEST-ethics: Patterns of Moral Argumentation about New and Emerging Science and TechnologyChapter 18 *Moralizing TechnologyPart 19 Technology and PoliticsChapter 20 Do Artifacts Have Politics?Chapter 21 *The PanopticonChapter 22 Strong Democracy and TechnologyChapter 23 *Bigger Monster: Weaker ChainsChapter 24 *The Constitution in CyberspaceChapter 25 *Technology Transfer and GlobalizationPart 26 Technology and Human NatureChapter 27 *Transhumanist FAQChapter 28 Twenty-First Century BodiesChapter 29 Why Computers May Never Think Like PeopleChapter 30 *Interactional Expertise and EmbodimentChapter 31 *Genetic Interventions and the Ethics of Human EnhancementChapter 32 *What's Wrong with Enhancement TechnologyPart 33 *Technology and NatureChapter 34 *The Big Lie: Human Restoration of NatureChapter 35 *Ecological Restoration and the Culture of NatureChapter 36 *The Brave New World of Animal BiotechnologyChapter 37 *Ethics and Genetically Modified FoodChapter 38 *What's Wrong with Functional Foods?Part 39 Technology and ScienceChapter 40 *When Is an Image Not an Image?Chapter 41 Scientific VisualismChapter 42 *LaboratoriesChapter 43 *Scientific Policy and Moral PurityChapter 44 *Technologies of Humility
Ideal for professors who want to provide a comprehensive set of the most important readings in the philosophy of technology, from foundational to the cutting edge, this book introduces students to the various ways in which societies, technologies, and environments shape one another. The readings examine the nature of technology as well as the effects of technologies upon human knowledge, activities, societies, and environments. Students will learn to appreciate the ways that philosophy informs our understanding of technology, and to see how technology relates to ethics, politics, nature, human nature, computers, science, food, and animals.