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Badiou and Hegel

Infinity, Dialectics, Subjectivity
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Jim Vernon
Lexington Books
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1. Measuring Up: Some Consequences of Badiou's Confrontation with Hegel, A.J. Bartlett and Justin Clemens2. The Good, the Bad and the Indeterminate: Hegel and Badiou on the Dialectics of the Infinite, Tzuchien Tho
3. Badiou contra Hegel: The Materialist Dialectic Against the Myth of the Whole,
Adriel M. Trott
4. The Question of Art: Badiou and Hegel,
Gabriel Riera
5. Badiou with Hegel: Preliminary Remarks on A(ny) Contemporary Reading of Hegel,
Frank Ruda
6. The Biolinguistic Challenge to an Intrinsic Ontology,
Norman Madarasz
7. Badiou and Hegel on Love and the Family,
Jim Vernon
8. Fidelity to the Political Event: Hegel, Badiou, and the Return to the Same,
Antonio Calcagno
9. Taming the Furies: Badiou and Hegel on The Eumenides,
Alberto Toscano
Badiou and Hegel: Infinity, Dialectics, Subjectivity offers critical appraisals of two of the dominant figures of the Continental tradition of philosophy, Alain Badiou and G.W.F. Hegel. Jim Vernon and Antonio Calcagno bring together established and emerging authors in Continental philosophy to discuss the relationship between the thinkers, creating a multifarious collection of essays by Hegelians, Badiouans, and those sympathetic to both. The text privileges neither thinker, nor any particular topic shared between them; rather, this book lays a broad and sound foundation for future scholarship on arguably two of the greatest thinkers of infinity, universality, subjectivity, and the enduring value of philosophy in the modern Western canon. Assuredly overdue, this volume will attract Hegel and Badiou scholars, as well as those interested in post-structuralism, political philosophy, cultural studies, ontology, philosophy of mathematics, and psychoanalysis.

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