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Small Cinemas in Global Markets

Genres, Identities, Narratives
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Lenuta Giukin
Lexington Books
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Part I: Small Cinemas Discovered Anew?
Chapter 1: Gender and National Identity Politics in
Inch' Allah Dimanche: Transnational Feminist Quests and Calls for A New French Hybridity, Catherine Douillet
Chapter 2: New Cinema of Nostalgia in Poland,
Janina Falkowska
Chapter 3: The Power of the Local: Greek Documentaries in the 2000s,
Lydia Papadimitriou

Part II: Affirming Identity
Chapter 4:
Police Adjective: A Journey and a Halt Straight to the Center of Words, Catalina Florina Florescu
Chapter 5: Identities in the New Romanian Cinema,
Lenuta Giukin
Chapter 6: Bolivian Road Movies, Travel Chronicles,
Andrés Laguna Tapia
Chapter 7: The Apparitions of
A Day Gone By and The Stasis of the Present in the Films of Šarunas Bartas, Renata Šukaityte

Part III: Markets and Industries
Chapter 8: A New Orphan Island Paradise: Hong Kong Cinema and the Struggles of the Local, 1945-1965,
David Desser
Chapter 9: New Croatian Cinema: Literature and Genre in the Post-Yugoslav Era,
Nikica Gilic
Chapter 10: The State Market and the Indonesian Film Industry,
Tito Imanda
Chapter 11: Filmmaking in East Africa: Focus on Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda,
Milica Slavkovic
Chapter 12: New Bulgarian Documentary,
Marian Tutui

Part IV: Small Screens, Small Narratives
Chapter 13: The Lost Origins of Personal-Screen Cinema,
Steven Wingate
Chapter 14 : The Size of the Screens: Technologies and New Models of Seeing and Hearing,
José Cláudio Siqueira Castanheira

Dina Iordanova
Small Cinemas in Global Markets addresses aspects such as identity, revisiting the past, internationalized genres, new forms of experimental cinema, markets and production, as well as technological developments of alternative small screens that open new perspectives into small cinema possibilities. Small and big markets for small industries reveal an unimagined diversification of the cultural product and consequently the need to analyze the impact at local, regional, and global levels. Much needed to continue and expand the existing scholarship in the field, this volume is based on research by authors who approach their subject from Western theoretical perspectives with a professional (mostly native) knowledge of the language, cultural realities, and film industry practices. It covers aspects from fifteen different countries, including Bolivia, Brazil, China (Hong Kong), Croatia, East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda), Greece, Indonesia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Morocco, and the United States. Since both film and documentary distribution from certain areas of the globe on international markets remains problematic, it is important for the academic field to discuss and circulate them as much as possible, and to create the basis for further exploration. Documenting and reflecting on the role, state, and reception of the film industry provides scholarly understanding to the industry's wide range of seemingly chaotic technological transformations.