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A Critique of Ayn Rand's Philosophy of Religion

The Gospel According to John Galt
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Dustin J. Byrd
Lexington Books
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1. Ayn Rand and the Congressman2. "I want to be known as the Greatest Enemy of Religion
3. The Left, Suffering Catholics, and American Religion
4. The Atheist and the Anti-Christ: Rand's "Second-Handing" of Nietzsche
5. Essence and Appearance in the Culture Wars
6. Where Rand and the Crucified Agree: "You Cannot Serve Two Masters!" - Contra Conservativa
7. Nervi belli pecunia infinita or "Endless Money is the Sinew of War"
8. Racism: Separate by Non-Intervention, Equal by Nature
9. Reason: Man's Source for Understanding the World...Unless, like Religion, it's Bad for Business
10. Worship a Man! or "Why do Women Keep Complaining?"
11. The Question of Fascism
12. Pope Francis and Ayn Rand's Idolatry of Money
13.Dum Inter Homines Sumus, Colamus Humanitatem or As Long as We're all among Humans, Let us be Humane
Ayn Rand's philosophy has once again found an important part on the American political stage. With the rise of the Tea Party movement, her political and economic philosophy has infused the American public discourse with a new Libertarian vitality. Ironically, many of her new followers identify themselves as committed Christians, a prospect that Rand herself would have rejected. This book critically reviews Rand's secular-atheist philosophy of religion, which includes her theory of altruism, collectivism, and statism, and asks the questions: How did Ayn Rand become conservative Christians' favorite atheist?; Can Christianity, or any other prophetic religion, be reconciled with her philosophy of greed, selfishness, and capitalism?; Can one be both a Christian and a dedicated follower of Ayn Rand?; Can one appropriate her political and economic philosophy while rejecting her radical atheism and anti-religious stance?

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