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John Maynard Keynes

Free Trader or Protectionist?
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Joseph R. Cammarosano
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Part I: The Priority of Internal over External Considerations as evidenced by Keynes' Opposition to the Pre-World War I International Gold Standard
Chapter 1: Keynes' Attack on the International Gold Standard
Chapter 2: Keynes' Opposition to the Restoration of the British Pound to its Pre-War Parity of Exchange
Chapter 3: Keynes' Search for a Managed Monetary Standard

Part II: The Evolution of Keynes' Thinking on Foreign Trade from World War I to World War II
Chapter 4: Keynes' Early Foreign Trade Views
Chapter 5: Keynes' Views on Commercial Policy in his Treatise on Money
Chapter 6: Keynes' Endorsement of Protectionism as a Solution to Britain's Economic Problems
Chapter 7: Keynes' Proposal for a Revenue Tariff
Chapter 8: Keynes' Advocacy of National Autarky for Great Britain

Part III: The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money and its Relevance for Keynes' Foreign Trade Views
Chapter 9: The Implications of Keynes' Theory of Employment and his Reflections on the Mercantilists for Orthodox Free Trade

Part IV: Keynes' Views on Foreign Trade during and after World War II
Chapter 10: Keynes and the Currency Proposals for the Expansion of Multilateral International Trade following the End of World War II
Chapter 11: Keynes and the Anglo-American Loan
Chapter 12: Summary and Conclusions

About the Author

Over the course of his professional life, John Maynard Keynes altered his views from free trade in the classical tradition to restricted foreign trade, and ultimately, at the end of his career, back to his original position. There is no general agreement among economists as to whether Keynes ended his career in the camp of the free traders or aligned himself with the protectionists. John Maynard Keynes: Free Trader or Protectionist? seeks an answer to this question by analyzing Keynes' own views on this issue, as stated in his major publications, letters, speeches, testimony before government bodies, newspaper articles, participation in conferences, and other sources. Through this detailed review of what Keynes himself had to say on the issue as opposed to what others have alleged, this book strives to make a significant contribution to the resolution of this issue.