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Patrick Henry-Onslow Debate

Liberty and Republicanism in American Political Thought
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H. Lee Cheek
Lexington Books
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2. "Onslow" I, 20 May 1826

4. "Onslow" II, 27 June 1826

6. "Patrick Henry" III, 4 August 1826

8. "Patrick Henry" V, 8 August 1826

10. "Onslow" V, 10 October 1826

Appendix I: Catlett Letter
Appendix II: Transcript of Catlett Letter
Selected Bibliography
About the Editors
The disputed election of 1824 was one of the most important presidential elections in American history. After an indecisive electoral college vote, the House of Representatives selected John Quincy Adams as president over the more popular war hero, Andrew Jackson. As a result, John C. Calhoun ended up serving as vice-president under Adams. Neither man was comfortable in this situation as they were political rivals who held philosophically divergent views of American constitutional governance. The emerging personal and philosophical dispute between President Adams and Vice-President Calhoun eventually prompted the two men (and Adams's political supporters) to take up their pens, using the pseudonyms "Patrick Henry" and "Onslow," in a public debate over the nature of power and liberty in a constitutional republic. The great debate thus arrayed Calhoun's Jeffersonian republican vision of constitutionally restrained power and local autonomy against Adams's neo-Federalist republican vision which called for the positive use of inherent power-a view that would become increasingly compelling to future generations of Americans. In the course of this exchange some of the most salient issues within American politics and liberty are debated, including the nature of political order, democracy, and the diffusion of political power. The level of erudition and insight is remarkable. The "Patrick Henry"/"Onslow" Debate deserves a wider popular and scholarly audience.

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