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The Roads to Congress 2012

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Sean D. Foreman
Lexington Books
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Preface by Sean D. Foreman and Robert Dewhirst
Part I:
2012 Congressional Election

Chapter 1: Democrats increase their seats in Congress and keep control of the White House
Sean D. Foreman
Chapter 2: Voting Suppression of the American Electorate, 2009-2012
Robert Dewhirst and Daniel E. Smith
Chapter 3: Campaign Finance: The Impact of Citizen's United Decision
William Curtis Ellis and Holly Peterson
Chapter 4: Redistricting: An Overview
Josh Stockley

Part II:
U.S. House of Representatives Elections

Chapter 5: California House 31 (Miller v. Dutton):Top Two Primary Turns a Democratic Seat into a Safe Republican One
Marcia L. Godwin and Richard Gelm
Chapter 6: Florida House 26 (Rivera v. Garcia): Third Time is a Charm for Cuban Democrat
Sean D. Foreman
Chapter 7: Illinois District 10 (Dold v. Schneider): A Fight between Demographics and Dollars
Jeffrey Ashley and Christophe Amegan
Chapter 8: Illinois District 17 (Schilling v. Bustos): A Carefully Constructed Gerrymander Dooms an Incumbent
William K. Hall and Kyle D. McEvilly
Chapter 9: New York House 24 (Buerkle v. Maffei v. Rozum): Rematch goes to the Democrat
Jeffrey Kraus
Chapter 10: Ohio House 6 (Johnson v. Wilson): Same Players, New Field
Will Miller
Chapter 11: Texas House 23 (Canseco v. Gallego): Congressional Bellwether, Partisan Prophet: Texas 23 and the Past, Present, and Future of Party Fortunes
Walter Clark Wilson and Christopher Tyler Camarillo

Part III:
U.S. Senate Elections

Chapter 12: Florida (Nelson v. Mack): All Show and No Go
Peter Bergerson and Margaret Banyan
Chapter 13: Massachusetts (Brown vs. Warren): The Professor v. The Model: How grassroots organizing and fundraising returned a Democrat to Ted Kennedy's former seat.
Joe Caiazzo
Chapter 14: Missouri (Akin v. McCaskill): "It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over": Missouri's Tumultuous and Unpredictable Senate Contest
Kimberly L. Casey and Michelle Wade
Chapter 15: Ohio (Brown v. Mandel): The Key to a Majority: A Very Expensive and Dirty Campaign
William Binning and Sunil Ahuja
Chapter 16: Virginia (Allen vs. Kaine): Clash of the Titans
Bob N. Roberts
Chapter 17: Wisconsin (Baldwin v. Thompson): The Most Negative Senate Race in State History
Tom Lansford

Part IV: Conclusions

Chapter 18: The Legacy of the 2012 Congressional Election
Robert Dewhirst

About the Contributors
The 2012 congressional elections played an equally vital role in determining the future course of America as the presidential race that topped the electoral ticket. Readers of this book will gain insights about the formative aspects of the 2012 campaign season as well as in depth coverage of key races for Congress. Exclusive to this volume are three chapters that look at important processes which impacted the campaign cycle: voter suppression laws passed in nearly every state, the role of Super PACs and independent expenditures in the wake of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, and the results of redistricting and partisan gerrymandering throughout the country. Then the case studies follow the path of seven House and six Senate races from inception to election postmortem. The chapters are both narrative and provide analysis of an array of interesting and diverse contests from throughout the country. Each entry was written by one or more experts living in the state or region of the race. The authors provide succinct and highly readable chapters meant to illustrate the distinctive nature of the campaigns they are examining. Readers will see individual campaigns and elections "up close" and be able to compare and contrast one from another because of the common format employed throughout the book. Taken together, the chapters reveal that the roads to Congress, while similar in so many ways, each follow a unique route to Capitol Hill.

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