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Feminist Advocacy

Gendered Organizations in Community-Based Responses to Domestic Violence
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Andrea J. Nichols
Lexington Books
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Chapter 1: IntroductionChapter 2: Feminist AdvocacyChapter 3: Advocacy in the Justice SystemChapter 4: Advocacy in Child Protective ServicesChapter 5: Advocacy in ShelterChapter 6: Implications for Theory and PracticeNotesBibliography
Feminist Advocacy: Gendered Organizations in Community-based Responses to Domestic Violence examines victim advocacy through a gendered organizations perspective. This monograph draws from in-depth interviews with twenty-six domestic violence victim advocates to examine their experiences with gendered policies and practices in the justice system, child protective services, and shelters. Andrea J. Nichols explores justice system interventions related to pro-arrest, dual arrest, no-drop prosecution, protective orders, and the actions of police and judges. In addition, she examines policies and practices related to child protective services that negatively affect battered women, such as charges for failure to protect and lost custody. Nichols also explores the most contentiously debated shelter policies, including curfew, confidentiality, substance abuse, entrance requirements, admitting adolescent boys, and mandatory classes. Drawing from advocates' narratives of their experiences, Feminist Advocacy bears significant implications for policy and practice in community-based responses to domestic violence.
This book will prove especially valuable to anyone who studies or works in the fields of social work, human services, criminal justice, or criminology, including advocates, practitioners, students, academic researchers, and those interested in intimate partner violence.

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