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Hope and Fear in Margaret Chase Smith's America

A Continuous Tangle
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Gregory P. Gallant
Lexington Books
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ContentsAcknowledgmentsIntroduction 1Chapter OnePersevering in the Face of Betrayal 14Chapter TwoConnecting with the Good Men 57Chapter ThreeThe Election of 1948 100Chapter FourForging Cold War Consensus 142Chapter FiveAnti-Communism and Civil Defense in the Fifties 211Chapter SixEfforts to Open a Closed Society 277Chapter SevenAll Politics, Even the Impolitic, Is Local 322Chapter EightThe Canopy and the Mushroom Cloud 341 Chapter NineLiving With Death and Dying To Live 401Conclusion 447Acknowledgments 458Bibliography 459
Hope and Fear in Margaret Chase Smith's America: A Continuous Tangle provides a fresh interpretation of the life, career, and legacy of former United States Senator Margaret Chase Smith, the first woman elected to both houses of the U.S. Congress. The book examines the critical connections made by Smith to key policymakers, links that allowed her to overcome opposition and prejudice to gain access, influence, and power in Washington, D.C. Highlighting the tangle of personalities and events in America from 1940 to 1972, the book focuses on Smith's courageous and often solitary efforts on behalf of women during the 1940s, and her stand during the McCarthy era which earned her a national reputation for civility in public discourse. It also examines her key interactions with the group of U.S. Senators who were elected with her in 1948 and their work to forge public policy in the aftermath of McCarthyism, including domestic and international policy following Sputnik, the creation of the Space Program, civil rights, Vietnam, and Medicare. Against these events and activities, the book demonstrates the impact of the nation's commitment to anticommunism and nuclear weapons which allowed politicians like Margaret Chase Smith to embrace contradictory stances on political dissent, military policy, and the role of government in American society.

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