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SARS from East to West

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Eva-Karin Olsson
Lexington Books
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1 Acknowledgments2 Abbreviations3 1. SARS: Meeting an Epidemic Head-On4 2. SARS in China: An Overview5 3. SARS in Beijing: An Urban Response6 4. SARS in Hong Kong7 5. An Analytical Memoir of the WHO Operation in China8 6. SARS in Canada: Lessons to be Learned from the Greater Toronto Outbreak9 7. SARS and Representations of the Morality of Quarantine in Ontario, Canada10 8. Early International News Flow about SARS: Interconnected or Unconnected?11 9. SARS in China: Western European News Coverage of a Pandemic in the East12 10. Transboundary Crisis Management: Implications for Research and Practice13 About the Contributors
SARS from East to West is the production of international collaboration investigating the first major pandemic in the new millennium, SARS. As the only major outbreak of a deadly infectious disease in modern times, the SARS case is an excellent example of an emerging contagious disease in an interdependent and interconnected world and provided the bases for how subsequent pandemics, like the bird flu and swine flu, are viewed and managed. Eva-Karin Olsson and Lan Xue bring together crisis management scholars with genuine knowledge of the geographic area covered in each of the chapters to examine the response to the SARS crisis at national and international levels, as well as media analysis.

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