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The Political Battle over Congressional Redistricting

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William J. Miller
Lexington Books
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Chapter One: Tom and Gerry? The Cat and Mouse Game of Congressional Redistricting, William J. Miller
Chapter Two: Utah: Pizza Slices, Doughnut Holes, and One-Party Dominance, Adam R. Brown

Chapter Three: Incumbency, Influence, and Race: Redistricting, South Carolina Style, Christopher N. Lawrence and Scott H. Huffmon

Chapter Four: Swimming Against the Tide: Partisan Gridlock and the 2011 Nevada Redistricting, David F. Damore

Chapter Five: Redistricting the Peach State, Charles S. Bullock, III

Chapter Six: "Fair" Districts in Florida: New Congressional Seats, New Constitutional Standards, Same Old Republican Advantage?, Aubrey Jewett

Chapter Seven: Congressional Redistricting in Louisiana: Region, Race, Party, and Incumbents, Pearson Cross

Chapter Eight: Redistricting in Massachusetts, Shannon Jenkins and Samantha Pettey

Chapter Nine: Michigan: Republican Domination during a Population Exodus, Michael K. Romano, Todd A. Curry and John A. Clark

Chapter Ten: Redistricting in Arizona: An Independent Process Challenged by Partisan Politics, Frederic I. Solop and Ajang A. Salkhi

Chapter Eleven: Carving Lines in the Cascades: Redistricting Washington, Kevin Pirch

Chapter Twelve: Missouri: Show Me...Again and Again!, Rick Althaus, Jeremy D. Walling, and William J. Miller

Chapter Thirteen: Congressional Redistricting in New Jersey, Brigid Callahan Harrison

Chapter Fourteen: Lone Star Lines: The Battle over Redistricting in Texas, Jason P. Casellas and Alvaro Corral

Chapter Fifteen: Redistricting Congressional Districts in Ohio: An Example of a Partisan Process with Long-lasting Consequences, Mark Salling

Chapter Sixteen: Raw Political Power, Gerrymandering, and the illusion of fairness: The Pennsylvania Redistricting Process, 2001 and 2011, Harry C. "Neil" Strine IV

Chapter Seventeen: Redistricting in Iowa 2011, Timothy M. Hagle

Chapter Eighteen: Drawing Congressional Districts in Illinois-Always Political, Not Always Partisan, Kent Redfield

Chapter Nineteen: New York Redistricting in Action: Legislative Inaction and Judicial Enaction, Russell C. Weaver and Joshua J. Dyck

Chapter Twenty: Why Redistricting Matters: Political Decisions and Policy Impacts, William J. Miller
John Engler, former Governor of Michigan, once claimed that redistricting is one of the purest actions a legislative body can take. Academicians and political leaders alike, however, have regularly debated the ideal way by to redistrict national and state legislatures. Rather than being the pure process that Governor Engler envisioned, redistricting has led to repeated court battles waged on such traditional democratic values as one person, one vote, and minority rights. Instead of being an opportunity to help ensure maximum representation for the citizens, the process has become a cat and mouse game in many states with citizen representation seemingly the farthest idea from anyone's mind. From a purely political perspective, those in power in the state legislature at the time of redistricting largely act like they have unilateral authority to do as they please. In this volume, contributors discuss why such an assumption is concerning in the modern political environment.

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