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The Land Development Game in China

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Jianbo Ma
Lexington Books
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Chapter 1. Introduction Part I. The System and the PlayersChapter 2. The Land System Chapter 3. The National GovernmentChapter 4. Local GovernmentsChapter 5. The VillageChapter 6. FarmersChapter 7. DevelopersChapter 8. Dispute Settlement MechanismsPart II Workings of the SystemChapter 9. Difficulty of Central PlanningChapter 10. Inevitability of Informal MarketsChapter 11. Guanxi as an Invisible HandChapter 12. Success of the SystemPart III Policy ThoughtsChapter 13. Scale, Distribution, and AllocationChapter 14. Rules and PlaysANNEX I: List of Fictitious NamesANNEX II: Maps
The book describes how land plays a central role in the rapid economic growth of a Chinese region (with the fictitious name of "Dragon County"). Concerned with grain self-sufficiency, the national government of China employs a central planning approach to control the amount of farmland to be converted to urban uses each year. However, the scarcity of land development rights creates high incentives for various local players to evade national policies. Supported by a large number of specific examples, the book illustrates how local players adopt many kinds of strategies to engage in informal land development, and how the national government maneuvers its policies such that both farmland protection and economic growth objectives are achieved. The story of Dragon County, though not necessarily representative of other Chinese regions, suggests that the existing land system has worked reasonably well in promoting land use efficiency and economic growth at the same time, but the distributional problems created reflect a strong need for changing the rules of the game.

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