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The Roads to Congress 2010

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Sean D. Foreman
Lexington Books
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1 PrefacePart 2 Part I: IntroductionChapter 3 1. A third "wave" election in a row: The House turns Republican while the Senate stays DemocraticPart 4 Part II: House of Representatives ElectionsChapter 5 2. Florida District 8 Race (Webster v. Grayson): No Magic Kingdom for the IncumbentChapter 6 3. Illinois District 14 Race (Hultgren v. Foster): A National Referendum against the President and IncumbentsChapter 7 4. Illinois District 11 Race (Kinzinger v. Halvorson): A Fresh Incumbent does not survive the TsunamiChapter 8 5. Mississippi District 4 Race (Taylor v. Palazzo): A Conservative Democrat Loses to a More Conservative RepublicanChapter 9 6. New York District 20 Race (Gibson v. Murphy): The Red Tide Returns to the Upper Hudson ValleyChapter 10 7. Ohio District 6 Race (Johnson v. Wilson): Ripe for Independent SpendersChapter 11 8. Virginia District 5 Race (Hurt v. Perriello): A Congressman Falls to a Republican TsunamiPart 12 Part III: U.S. Senate ElectionsChapter 13 9. Alaska Senate Race (McAdams v. Miller v. Murkowski): Alaska's Three-Way Senate Race and Lisa Murkowski's Write-in VictoryChapter 14 10. California Senate Race (Fiorina v. Boxer): The Great Democratic Exception in a Republican YearChapter 15 11. Colorado Senate Race (Bennet v. Buck): Incumbency Success in an Anti-Incumbency YearChapter 16 12. Connecticut Senate Race (McMahon v. Blumenthal): Blumenthal Beats McMahon in a Race that Set State Records for SpendingChapter 17 13. Florida Senate Race (Crist v. Meek v. Rubio): The Rise of Rubio and fall of CristChapter 18 14. Missouri Senate Race (Blunt v. Carnahan): Still a National Bellwether StatePart 19 Part IV: ConclusionChapter 20 15. The Legacy of the 2010 Congressional Elections21 Index22 About the Contributors
The 2010 Midterm Elections were momentous in the history of U.S. campaigns. Readers of this book will follow the path of seven House and six Senate races from inception to election postmortem. The chapters are both narrative and provide analysis of an array of interesting and diverse contests from throughout the country. Each entry was written by one or more experts living in the state or region of the race. The authors provide succinct and highly readable chapters meant to illustrate the distinctive nature of the campaigns they are examining. Readers will see individual campaigns and elections "up close" and be able to compare and contrast one from another because of the common format employed throughout the book. Taken together, the chapters reveal that the roads to Congress, while similar in so many ways, each follow a unique route to Capitol Hill.

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