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The Politics of Organized Crime and the Organized Crime of Politics

A Study in Criminal Power
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Alfredo Schulte-Bockholt
Critical Perspectives on Crime and Inequality Lexington Books
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Chapter 1 Foreword Chapter 2 A Neo-Marxist Explanation of Organized Crime Chapter 3 Historical Observations on 'Clear[ly] and Present[ly] Danger[ous]' Plant Life Chapter 4 A Tale of Two Coups: Shanghai 1927 and La Paz 1980 Chapter 5 Elites, Cocaine, and Power in Colombia and Peru Chapter 6 Beyond Modern Capitalism: Soviet and Post-Soviet Organized Crime Chapter 7 Beyond Modern Capitalism: Mercantile Piracy Chapter 8 The Racket and New World Disorder: Control and Domination in the Age of Globalization Chapter 9 Conclusion
More than simply a study of the mafia, Alfredo Schulte-Bockholt's work argues that collaboration between political science and criminology is critical to understanding the real nature of organized crime and its power. Schulte-Bockholt looks at specific case studies from Asia, Latin America, and Europe as he develops a theoretical discussion-drawing on the thought of Max Horkheimer, Theodor Adorno, and Antonio Gramsci-of the intimate connections between criminal groups and elite structures. Ranging from an historical discussion of the world drug economy to an examination of the evolution of organized crime in the former Soviet Union, the book extends into a consideration of the possible future development of organized crime in the age of advanced globalization.

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