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The Politics of Biotechnology in North America and Europe

Policy Networks, Institutions and Internationalization
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Éric Montpetit
Lexington Books
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Chapter 1 Comparing Biotechnology Policy in Europe and North America: A Theoretical Framework Chapter 2 Trade and Human Rights: Inter- and Supranational Regulation of ART and GM Food Chapter 3 Different Paths to the Same Result: Explaining Permissive Policies in the USA Chapter 4 The Canadian Knowledge Economy in the Shadow of the United Kingdom and the United States Chapter 5 A Contrast of Two Sectors in the British Knowledge Economy Chapter 6 Policy Mediation of Tensions Regarding Biotechnology in France Chapter 7 ART and GMO Policies in Germany: Effect of Mobilization, Issue-Coupling, and Europeanization Chapter 8 Accommodation, Bureaucratic Politics, and Supranational Leviathan: ART and GMO Policy-Making in the Netherlands Chapter 9 Conflict and Consensus in Belgian Biopolicies: GMO Controversy versus Biomedical Self-Regulation Chapter 10 ARTs and GMOs in Sweden: Explaining the Differences in Policy Design Chapter 11 Switzerland: Direct Democracy and Non-EU Membership?Different Institutions, Similar Policies Chapter 12 Regulating ART and GMOs in Europe and North America: A Qualitative Comparative Analysis
Biotechnology is one of the most important new issues to emerge in the knowledge economy. The Politics of Biotechnology in North America and Europe provides analysts with a perspective on policy-making in scientifically advanced countries that integrate the insights of several approaches and that display a particular sensitivity to the complexity of policy-making conjectures. This perspective allows going beyond the simplistic understandings of biotechnology policy currently prevailing. This volume provides a rigorous analysis and detailed information on biotechnology policy in nine countries. The essays included here present the results of in-depth empirical research in the area of biomedicine and agro-food biotechnology. The book is, therefore, not only of interest to policy-makers and policy analysts, but also to anyone with an interest in biotechnology.

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