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Natural Law

The Foundation of an Orderly Economic System
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Alberto M. Piedra
Lexington Books Studies in Ethics and Economics
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1 Chapter I: Natural Law and the Age of Reason 2 Chapter II: Human Nature and the Dignity of the Human Person 3 Chapter III: The Classical School and the Birth of Capitalism 4 Chapter IV: The Romantic and Socialist Reactions to the Industrial Revolution 5 Chapter V: Neoclassicism, the Keynesian Revolution and Other Sources of Dissent 6 Chapter VI: The Metaphysical Dimensions of Man: Their Ethical Implications 7 Chapter VII: The Fundamental Issue of Human Work 8 Chapter VIII: Population, the Welfare State, and the Challenge of the Environment 9 Chapter IX: The Challenge of Globalization 10 Epilogue
Author Alberto M. Piedra lucidly illustrates the notion of 'natural law' through the examination of economic, social, political, and cultural issues. In this work Piedra draws on classical and Christian sources as well as his personal experience as an economist, diplomat, and lecturer on world politics to address philosophical views in a constructive and morally guided exegesis of natural law and economics. This innovative book shows the value of appeals to a governing, natural law and attendant principles such as the common good, subsidiarity, hierarchy, spiritual welfare, the reciprocity of freedom and authority, and the cultivation of personal moral and intellectual virtue. Natural Law will appeal to scholars, professionals, and others interested in the cultivation of personal moral and intellectual virtue.

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