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Advancing Critical Criminology

Theory and Application
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Walter S. Dekeseredy
Critical Perspectives on Crime and Inequality Lexington Books
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Chapter 1 Overviews of Theoretical Perspectives Chapter 2 Left Realism Revisited Chapter 3 Transgressing Boundaries: Feminist Perspectives in Criminology Chapter 4 Cultural Criminology: A Decade and Counting of Criminological Chaos Chapter 5 Emotionality, Rationality, and Restorative Justice Chapter 6 The New Penology in a Critical Context Chapter 7 Applications of Theory Chapter 8 A Critical Perspective on Violence Chapter 9 Missing Pieces: The Paucity of Hate Crime Scholarship Chapter 10 Women and Drugs: A Feminist Perspective Chapter 11 Rural Crime, Poverty, and Community Chapter 12 Towards a Critical Penology of the Mentally Ill Offender: On Law, Ideology, and the Logic of Competency Chapter 13 Constitutive Rhetoric and Constitutive Criminology: The Significance of The Virtual Corpse
Advancing Critical Criminology constitutes a timely addition to the growing body of knowledge on critical criminology scholarship. DeKeseredy and Perry have assembled a volume that provides scholars with an in-depth review of the extant literature on several major branches of criminology as well as examples of how critical criminologists apply their theoretical perspectives to substantive topics, such as drugs, interpersonal violence, and rural crime. Accordingly, this work is divided into two main sections: overviews of theories and applications. Each chapter provides a summary of work in a specific area, along with suggestions for moving the field forward. This reader is unique in its choice of topics, which have often been overlooked in the past. An expert collection of international scholars, Advancing Critical Criminology is certain to stimulate lively debates and generate further critical social scientific work in this field.

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