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Essays on Ayn Rand's 'We the Living'

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Robert Mayhew
Lexington Books
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Part 1: The History of We the LivingChapter 1: From Airtight to We the Living: The Drafts of Ayn Rand's First Novel
by Shoshana Milgram
Chapter 2: Parallel Lives: Models and Inspirations for Characters in We the Living
by Scott McConnell
Chapter 3: We the Living and the Rosenbaum Family Letters
by Dina Schein Federman
Chapter 4: The Education of Kira Argounova and Leo Kovalensky
by Shoshana Milgram
Chapter 5: Russian Revolutionary Ideology and We the Living
by John Ridpath
Chapter 6: The Music of We the Living
by Michael S. Berliner
Chapter 7: Publishing We the Living
by Richard E. Ralston
Chapter 8: Reviews of We the Living
by Michael S. Berliner
Chapter 9: Adapting We the Living
by Jeff Britting
Chapter 10: We the Living: '36 and '59
by Robert Mayhew
Part 2: We the Living as Literature and as Philosophy
Chapter 11: We the Living and Victor Hugo: Ayn Rand's First Novel and the Novelist She Ranked First
by Shoshana Milgram
Chapter 12: Red Pawn: Ayn Rand's other Story of Soviet Russia
by Jena Trammell
Chapter 13: The Integration of Plot and Theme in We the Living
by Andrew Bernstein
Chapter 14: The sacred in We the Living
by Robert Mayhew
Chapter 15: The Plight of Leo Kovalensky
by Onkar Ghate
Chapter 16: Kira's Family
by John David Lewis
Chapter 17: Kira Argounova Laughed: Humor and Joy in We the Living
by Robert Mayhew
Chapter 18: Forbidding Life to Those Still Living
by Tara Smith
Chapter 19: The Death Premise in We the Living and Atlas Shrugged
by Onkar Ghate
Epilogue: Introduction to We the Living
by Leonard Peikoff
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About the Contributors
In the second edition, Robert Mayhew once again brings together pre-eminent scholars of Rand's writing. The edition includes three new chapters, as well as an epilogue by renowned Rand-scholar Leonard Peikoff. In part a history of We the Living, from its earliest drafts to the Italian film later based upon it, Mayhew's collection goes on to explore the enduring significance of Rand's first novel as a work both of philosophy and of literature. For Ayn Rand scholars and fans alike, this enhanced second edition is a compelling examination of a novel that set the tone for some of the most influential philosophical literature to follow.

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