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Critical Issues in Peace and Conflict Studies

Theory, Practice, and Pedagogy
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Thomas Matyók
Lexington Books
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Chapter 1 Dedication and AcknowledgementsChapter 2 Biographies of ContributorsChapter 3 PrefaceChapter 4 Designing a Way ForwardPart 5 Part One: TheoryChapter 6 Chapter One: Peace and Conflict Studies as Political ActivityChapter 7 Chapter Two: When the Killing Begins: An Epistemic Inquiry into Violent Human Conflict, Contested Truths and Multiplex MethodologyChapter 8 Chapter Three: Post-Intervention Stability of Civil War StatesChapter 9 Chapter Four: The Social Cube Analytical Model and Protracted Ethnoterritorial ConflictsChapter 10 Chapter Five: Ethnic Genocide, Trauma, Healing, and Recovery: The Case of Identity Ruptures and Restoration amongst Bosnian RefugeesChapter 11 Chapter Six: Disability and Conflict: Untold Stories from the North of IrelandChapter 12 Chapter Seven: Emancipatory Peacebuilding: Critical Responses to (Neo)Liberal TrendsPart 13 Part Two: PracticeChapter 14 Chapter Eight: Ripeness, Readiness, and Grief in Conflict AnalysisChapter 15 Chapter Nine: Children, Youth, and PeacebuildingChapter 16 Chapter Ten: Developing Refugee Peacebuilding Capacity: Women in Exile on the Thai/Burmese BorderChapter 17 Chapter Eleven: Relationships with Human and Non-Human Species and How They Apply towards Peace Building and Leadership in Indigenous SocietiesChapter 18 Chapter Twelve: Why on Earth? Junctures between Peace and the EnvironmentChapter 19 Chapter Thirteen: Indigenous Processes of Conflict Resolution: Neglected Methods of Peacemaking by the New Field of Conflict ResolutionChapter 20 Chapter Fourteen: "The Problem from Hell": Examining the Role of Peace and Conflict Studies for Genocide Intervention and PreventionPart 21 Part Three: PedagogyChapter 22 Chapter Fifteen: Peace and Conflict Studies: Reclaiming our Roots and Designing Our Way ForwardChapter 23 Chapter Sixteen: Narrative in the Teaching and Practice of Conflict Analysis, Transformation, and PeacebuildingChapter 24 Chapter Seventeen: Community Engagement in Peace and Conflict Studies: Connecting and Advancing Pedagogy, Research, and PracticeChapter 25 Chapter Eighteen: Religion and Peace and Conflict StudiesChapter 26 Chapter Nineteen: Milestones on a Journey in Peace and Conflict StudiesPart 27 ConclusionsChapter 28 Chapter Twenty: Where Do We Go From Here?Chapter 29 Index
Critical Issues in Peace and Conflict Studies: Theory, Practice, and Pedagogy, edited by Thomas Maty-k, Jessica Senehi, and Sean Byrne, discusses critical issues in the emerging field of Peace and Conflict Studies, and suggests a framework for the future development of the field and the education of its practitioners and academics. Contributors to the book are recognized scholars and practitioners in their respective fields. The authors take an holistic approach to the study, analysis, and resolution of conflict at the micro, meso, macro, and mega levels.

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