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Social Security Policy in Hong Kong

From British Colony to China's Special Administrative Region
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Chak Kwan Chan
Lexington Books
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Chapter 1 List of TablesChapter 2 AbbreviationsChapter 3 PrefaceChapter 4 Chapter One: Hong Kong Social Policy and Chinese Welfare IdeologiesChapter 5 Chapter Two: Co-Optive Politics and Welfare ConstraintsChapter 6 Chapter Three: Legitimacy and Chinese Welfare IdeologiesChapter 7 Chapter Four: Traditional Chinese Welfare IdeologiesChapter 8 Chapter Five: Social Security and Chinese Welfare Ideologies Before 1945Chapter 9 Chapter Six: Social Security and Chinese Welfare Ideologies: 1945-1967Chapter 10 Chapter Seven: Social Security and Chinese Welfare Ideologies: 1968-1997Chapter 11 Chapter Eight: Postcolonial Polity and Welfare ApproachChapter 12 Chapter Nine: Postcolonial Social Security and Chinese Welfare IdeologiesChapter 13 Chapter Ten: Chinese Welfare Ideologies and Hong Kong's CapitalismChapter 14 BibliographyChapter 15 Index
For more than four decades, free market economists and right-wing politicians have touted Hong Kong as a model of capitalism and a market economy success story. Social Security Policy in Hong Kong: From British Colony to Special Administrative Region of China, by Chak Kwan Chan, argues that Hong Kong's capitalism is not the result of democratic choice but the consequence of an administrative-led polity that has had suppressed democracy, limited trade unions' activities, and manipulated traditional Chinese welfare ideologies to maintain a small government. Social Security Policy in Hong Kong is the first book that systematically analyzes the dynamic relationships between Hong Kong's polity, Chinese welfare ideologies, and social security provisions from British colonial rule to China's special administrative region.

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