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Israel and the European Union

A Documentary History
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Sharon Pardo
Lexington Books
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Chapter One: 1957-1966, Israel Looks to Europe
Documents 1957-1966
Chapter Two: 1967-1979, Between War and Peace
Documents 1967-1979
Chapter Three: 1980-1991, From Venice to Madrid
Documents 1980-1991
Chapter Four: 1992-2003, From Oslo to Barcelona
Documents 1992-2003
Chapter Five: 2004-2011, A Renaissance Cut Short?
Documents 2004-2011
About the Authors
Israel's relations with the European Union stretch back to the early days of the European Community and the signing of the Treaty of Rome in 1957. From that point onward, Israel and Europe have developed an increasingly strong network of political, economic, scientific, and cultural ties. These relations have, however, consisted of a number of conflicting trends. Indeed, even while the EU has become Israel's most important trading partner, the political relationship has been marked by disappointment, frustration, and, at times, even anger.Israel and the European Union: A Documentary History, by Sharon Pardo and Joel Peters, traces the history of these complex relations by bringing together over two hundred documents in one volume. The documents contained in this book are divided into five time periods: i) 1957-1966, Israel Looks to Europe; ii) 1967-1979, Between War and Peace; iii) 1980-1991, From Venice to Madrid; iv) 1992-2003, From Oslo to Barcelona; and v) 2004-2011, A Renaissance Cut Short?. Each section is preceded by a short essay outlining the major themes of Israeli-European Relations during those years. The authors have not added any commentary to the documents themselves and instead have allowed the documents to speak for themselves.
Israel and the European Union: A Documentary History is designed to serve as a companion volume to Pardo and Peters' Uneasy Neighbors: Israel and the European Union (Lexington Books, 2010).

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