The Cambridge Companion to Creative Writing
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The Cambridge Companion to Creative Writing

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Cambridge Companions to Literature

A lively, practical guide to creative writing as discipline and craft, ideal for students and teachers.
A lively, practical guide to creative writing as discipline and craft, ideal for students and teachers.
Foreword: on criticism and creativity Jonathan Bate; 1. Introduction David Morley and Philip Neilsen; Part I. Genres and Types: 2. A writing lesson: the Three Flat Tires and the outer story Ron Carlson; 3. In conversation: a new approach to teaching long fiction Maureen Freely; 4. Genre and speculative fiction Kim Wilkins; 5. Writing drama Michelene Wandor; 6. Poetics and poetry Bronwyn Lea; 7. Travel writing Kári Gislason; 8. Creative writing and new media Hazel Smith; 9. Creative translation Fiona Sampson; 10. Life writing Philip Neilsen; Part II. Topics: 11. Serious play: creative writing and science David Morley; 12. Outside the academy Richard Beard; 13. Contemporary publishing Christopher Hamilton-Emery; 14. Imaginative crossings: transglobal and transcultural narratives Jewell Parker Rhodes; 15. Does that make sense? Approaches to the creative writing workshop A. L. Kennedy; Further reading; Index.
Creative writing has become a highly professionalised academic discipline, with popular courses and prestigious degree programmes worldwide. This book is a must for all students and teachers of creative writing, indeed for anyone who aspires to be a published writer. It engages with a complex art in an accessible manner, addressing concepts important to the rapidly growing field of creative writing, while maintaining a strong craft emphasis, analysing exemplary models of writing and providing related writing exercises. Written by professional writers and teachers of writing, the chapters deal with specific genres or forms - ranging from the novel to new media - or with significant topics that explore the cutting edge state of creative writing internationally (including creative writing and science, contemporary publishing and new workshop approaches).

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