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A Global History of Sexual Science, 1880-1960

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Veronika Fuechtner
University of California Press
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List of Illustrations Acknowledgments Introduction: Toward a Global History of Sexual Science: Movements, Networks, and Deployments Veronika Fuechtner, Douglas E. Haynes, and Ryan M. Jones PART ONE: EVOLUTION, SEXUAL SCIENCE, AND THE ANTHROPOLOGY OF THE OTHER 1 • Global Modernity and Sexual Science: The Case of Male Homosexuality and Female Prostitution, 1880-1950 Pablo Ben 2 • "Let Us Leave the Hospital; Let Us Go on a Journey around the World": British and German Sexual Science and the Global Search for Sexual Variation Kate Fisher and Jana Funke 3 • Westermarck's Morocco: The Epistemic Politics of Cultural Anthropology and Sexual Science Ralph Leck 4 • Monogamy's Nature: Global Sexual Science and the Secularization of Christian Marriage Angela Willey 5 • The "Hottentot Apron": Genital Aberration in the History of Sexual Science Rebecca Hodes PART TWO: SCIENCE BY THE BOOK AND UNRULY APPROPRIATIONS 6 • Sexology in the Southwest: Law, Medicine, and Sexuality in Germany and Its Colonies Robert Deam Tobin 7 • Understanding R. D. Karve: Brahmacharya, Modernity, and the Appropriation of Global Sexual Science in Western India, 1927-1953 Shrikant Botre and Douglas E. Haynes 8 • The "Ellis Effect": Translating Sexual Science in Republican China, 1911-1949 Rachel Hui-Chi Hsu 9 • Takahashi Tetsu and Popular Sexology in Early Postwar Japan, 1945-1970 Mark McLelland 10 • Mexican Sexology and Male Homosexuality: Genealogies and Global Contexts, 1860-1957 Ryan M. Jones 11 • The Science of Sexual Difference: Ogura Seizaburo, Hiratsuka Raicho, and the Intersection of Sexology and Feminism in Early-Twentieth-Century Japan Michiko Suzuki 12 • Time for Sex: The Education of Desire and the Conduct of Childhood in Global/Hindu Sexology Ishita Pande PART THREE: MOBILITY, TRAVEL, EXILE, AND THE CIRCUITS OF SEXOLOGICAL KNOWLEDGE 13 • Latin Eugenics and Sexual Knowledge in Italy, Spain, and Argentina: International Networks across the Atlantic Chiara Beccalossi 14 • "Forms So Attenuated That They Merge into Normality Itself": Alexander Lipschütz, Gregorio Marañón, and Theories of Intersexuality in Chile, circa 1930 Kurt MacMillan 15 • "Tyranny of Orgasm": Global Governance of Sexuality from Bombay, 1930s-1950s Sanjam Ahluwalia 16 • Magnus Hirschfeld's Onnagata Rainer Herrn 17 • Agnes Smedley between Berlin, Bombay, and Beijing: Sexology, Communism, and National Independence Veronika Fuechtner 18 • The Limits of Transnationalism: The Case of Max Marcuse Kirsten Leng Afterword: In the Shadow of Empire: The Words and Worlds of Sexual Science Howard Chiang List of Contributors Index
Starting in the late nineteenth century, scholars and activists all over the world suddenly began to insist that understandings of sex be based on science. As Japanese and Indian sexologists influenced their German, British, and American counterparts and vice versa, sexuality, modernity, and imaginings of exotified "Others" became intimately linked. The first anthology to provide a worldwide perspective on the birth and development of the field, A Global History of Sexual Science contends that actors outside of Europe-in Asia, Latin America, and Africa-became important interlocutors in debates on prostitution, birth control, and transvestism. Ideas circulated through intellectual exchange, travel, and internationally produced and disseminated publications. Twenty scholars tackle specific issues, including the female orgasm and the criminalization of male homosexuality, to demonstrate how concepts and ideas introduced by sexual scientists gained currency throughout the modern world.

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