Environmental Geography: Science, Land Use, and Earth Systems
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Environmental Geography: Science, Land Use, and Earth Systems

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William M. Marsh
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280x222x24 mm
Chapter 1: A World in Crisis: Environment and Humanity in the 21st Century Chapter 2: Preparing to Understand Environmental Geography Chapter 3: Environment, Land Use and Sustainable Development Chapter 4: The Spread and Development of Human Population Chapter 5: Global Cycles and Systems Chapter 6: Ecosystems and the Bioclimatic Environment Chapter 7: The Human Population: Trends and Patterns Chapter 8: Agriculture, Food Production and Hunger Chapter 9: Energy Generation, Use, and the Environment Chapter 10: Atmospheric Environment and Land Use Chapter 11: Air Population: Patterns, Trends and Impacts Chapter 12: Hydrologic Environment and Land Use Chapter 13: Water Pollution: Patterns, Trends and Impacts Chapter 14: Hazardous Waste Production and Disposal Chapter 15: Soil, Land and Land Use Chapter 16: Biological Diversity and Land Use Chapter 17: Open-Land Resources: Forests, Rangelands, Parks and Preserves Chapter 18: Managing the Global Environment Appendices Glossary Index
Focusing on the use and misuse of the environment, this forward-looking book provides insights into where we seem to be headed as a species on the planet. Emphasizes the geographic aspects of problems, such as air pollution, locational factors, scales considerations, distributions and spatial associations. Provides an overview of the modern environmental dilemma and the factors that need to be examined in order to gain an understanding of the problem. Features a review of our planet's open lands and the effort to preserve and manage them.

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