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Edward Erwin
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280 x 216 x 50 mm
A comprehensive, one volume reference work on the life, work and theories of Sigmund Freud.
Theory and Therapy Agoraphobia Appendicitis Archaic Heritage Birth Trauma Blacky Pictures Breastfeeding Cathartic Method Civilization Cognitive Unconscious Collective Unconscious Couch, Psychoanalytic Displacement Dissociation Dream-work E nuresis Free Association Free Will Frigidity Frustration-Regression Fundamantal Rule of Psychoanalysis Guilt Id Irma Dream Lacan and Freudian Theory Latent Content Libido Mourning Neuroses Oral Stage Penis Envy Primary Process Profession of Psychoanalysis Projection Religion Sadism Self-Psycho logy Self-analysis Suggestion Testability Thematic Apperception Test Theory of Instincts Trauma Influence Anthropology Bloomsbur y Group Criminology England Ethics Germany Humanities LLiterary Criticism Marxism and Freudianism Psychiatry Sociology South America Surrealism Case Histories Anna O Dora Elizabeth von R Katharina The Rat Man Wolf Man Biography and History Achensee, the Last Meeting with Fliess Anna Freud (Daughter) Anna Freud (Sister) Berlin Psychoanalytic Society Birthplace Cocaine Period Education of Analysts Ernest Kris Freud and Einstein Freud and Otto Rank Freud's Atheism Freud's Break with Jung and Adler Jacob Freud (Father) Marie Bonaparte Medical Training Sandor Ferenczi Studies under Charcot Wednesday Society
The first in-depth Encyclopedia on the life, work, and theories of Sigmund Freud, this A-Z reference includes the most recent debates on such topics as the theory of dreams and the Oedipus complex, as well as biographical sketches of leading figures in the Freudian movement. Coverage also includes philosophers who anticipated or influenced Freud, such as Schopenhauer and Nietzsche, and the many movements influenced by his work, from the early twentieth-century Surrealists to the present day.

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