Art of City Sketching
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Art of City Sketching

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Michael Abrams
828 g
276 x 217 x 19 mm
Contents; Foreword; About the Author; Preface; Acknowledgements; List of Contributors; Introduction; Sketching Supplies; Part One - Beginner: Orthographic Projection; Lesson 1: Elevations; Lesson 2: Sections, Part Two - Intermediate: 3D Projection; Lesson 4: Axonometric; Lesson 5: Perspectives; Lesson 6: Tone; Part Three - Advanced: Perceptual projection; Lesson 7: Analytique Method; Lesson 8: Spatial Sequence; Conclusion; Appendix; Bibliography; Index.
The Art of City Sketching: A Field Manual guides you through the laborious and sometimes complex process of sketching what you see in the built environment so that you can learn to draw what you imagine. Illustrated with hundreds of drawings by students and professionals of cityscapes around Europe and the United States, the book helps you develop your conceptual drawing skills so that you can communicate graphically to represent the built environment. Short exercises, projects, drawing tips, step-by-step demonstrations, and composition do's and don'ts make it easy for you to get out into the city and experiment in your own work. Author Michael Abrams uses his experience as a field sketching instructor, to show you that by drawing, you can discover, analyze, and comprehend the built environment.

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