International Institutions Of The Middle East
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International Institutions Of The Middle East

The GCC, Arab League and Arab Maghreb Union
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James Worrall
286 g
216x185x11 mm
1. Framework and Context 2. The Arab League, Structures and Evolution 3. The Arab League, Peace and Security 4. The Arab League, Economic, Social and Political Co-operation 5. The Gulf Cooperation Council 6. The GCC, Security and Internal Politics 7. The Arab-Maghreb Union 8. The Arab League and GCC in the Arab Spring 9. Conclusion
This book aims to be the key introductory volume for understanding the regional IOs of the Middle East. It assesses the reasons why IOs in the Middle East are so ill developed, explores their history, evolution and the successes and failures of each IO. It also analyses the reasons for the specific difficulties faced by each organisation through the context of intra-regional relations, before examining the impact of external factors such as: globalisation, moves towards global governance which have impacts in the Middle East and external influences from the great powers. Finally, it explores the likely impact of the Arab Spring upon the prospects for the further development of these regional International Organisations

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