Germany since Unification
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Germany since Unification

The Development of the Berlin Republic
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K. Larres
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List of Figures and Tables Notes on the Contributors Glossary and List of Abbreviations Introduction to the Second Edition Introduction to the First Edition PART I: THE GERMAN QUESTION AND THE REVOLUTION OF 1989-90 The German Question, 1945-95; R.Steininger Germany in 1989: the Development of a Revolution; K.Larres PART II: THE DOMESTIC CONSEQUENCES OF GERMAN UNIFICATION The German Economy since 1989-90: Problems and Prospects; C.Flockton The German Party System since Unification; W.M.Chandler German Federalism in the 1990s: On the Road to a 'Divided Polity'?; C.Jeffery Racial Exclusion in the New Germany; P.Panayi PART III: THE EXTERNAL CONSEQUENCES OF GERMAN UNIFICATION The German Model and European Integration; E.O.Smith Believing in the Miracle Cure: The Economic Transition Process in Germany and East-Central Europe; T.Geiger Germany's Security Policy Dilemmas: NATO, the WEU and the OSCE; A.Hyde-Price Present at Disintegration: The United States and German Unification; M.Cox & S.Hurst Index
A decade after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the collapse of the GDR and the end of the Cold War, Germany has begun to cope with the political, economic, social and nationalistic challenges unification has posed to its institutions and way of life in both the western and eastern part of the once divided nation. The books' eleven authors, all experts in their field, analyse the way united Germany has tackled the many unforeseen problems and highlighted the gradually emerging short- and long-term patterns in Germany's slow adjustment to the new realities. The country has not only become more populous and territorially bigger, but also burdened with much underestimated problems, particularly economic and social ones. The emergence of a new economic, political and perhaps military superstate as feared by many in 1990 has not materialised. Instead, Germany today is only just coping with the domestic and external challenges of unification. The economic and social integration of the former East Germany into the Federal Republic has still not been completed and may take yet another ten to fifteen years. The book is a timely and well-researched effort by a team of outstanding experts to evaluate Germany's performance to date. It gives the reader ample and well-analysed information to comprehend the many challenges facing Germany and its European neighbours in the post-Cold War world

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